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People who get me know this... I'm an eccentric, creative, quiet person. However, that does not mean that I lack passion. !

My spirituality... None !

My relationship status... In a relationship !

My relationship saga... Difficult, but extremely worthwhile. !

My political leanings... far left !

My political views... I don't feel the need to share them, as I'd rather not be chastised by overzealous strangers for what I believe. !

A great song... Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots !

An awful song... Barbie Girl !

A great movie... The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou !

An awful movie... The one from that anime series that they animate in Canada. Or maybe a Cartoon Network dubbed hit. !

A great book... Neuromancer !

An awful book... The next big children's-novel-become-international-hit adored by entirely too many middle-aged adult !

A great company... This question seems to elude me entirely. I rack my brain and can't come up with one great company. !

An awful company... Wal-Mart !

Delicious food... Koara no Machi !

Terrible food... Fast food of any variety. !

A great website... http://www.kongregate.com !

An awful website... http://www.twitter.com !

Proudest thing I ever did... At the age of nineteen, I moved on my own from Florida to New Mexico. In the next year, I got my GED, a job and a wonderful woman in my life. !

Best time I ever had... Spending a little vacation in Albuquerque with my girlfriend. Tons of quality time and lots of new experiences. !

Worst time I ever had... I spent six years (the ages of thirteen to nineteen) in complete isolation. No school, no friends, nothing. I just played video games all the while, searching for distraction. During this time, I became very heavy and developed Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis. !

What Ive been up to lately... Working hard, unloading trucks for Wal-Mart. !

What drives me crazy... See above. !

What makes me glad to be alive... The few people I'm truly close to. !

I believe this... No matter how many things you need to get done, you need to take time to relax and enjoy your life. We waste our lives on insignificant things. Why not go for dinner and a movie with someone special or kill a few hours snuggling? !

My ethnicity as others define it... Caucasian, European, European-American !

My ethnicity as I define it... More or less a mystery to me. Guessing can be fun, though. !

Gender... Male !

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