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Here are the clues JeezLouise has given about her personality.


People who get me know this... I'm always up for a good, detailed story. Expect a high energy conversation. !

My career path... changes as my moods go...right now, I'd love to sell my projects. !

My spirituality... involves karma. !

My relationship status... Single !

My relationship saga... I've had a few serious relationships but currently just dating around. !

My political leanings... far left !

A great song... Time After Time by Cindy Lauper !

An awful song... Anything whiny or ghetto !

A great movie... The Princess Bride !

An awful movie... Cool as Ice !

A great company... Starbucks !

An awful company... Walmart !

Delicious food... Japanese/Sushi !

Terrible food... McDonalds and other fast food chains !

Proudest thing I ever did... Knitted a hat and a random stranger came up to me and asked me where I bought it. !

Best time I ever had... Summers spent with my cousins !

Worst time I ever had... Losing a member of my family !

What Ive been up to lately... Trying to learn from past experiences and learning to find a healthy balance among crafting, dating, work, and spending time with friends and family. !

What drives me crazy... Sheer incompetence !

I believe this... do unto others as you would have them do unto you. !

My ethnicity as others define it... Asian, Pacific Islander, Asian-American !

My ethnicity as I define it... Filipino-American !

Gender... Female !

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