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Here are the clues scorpio2106 has given about his personality.


People who get me know this... I am a very kind and trusting person, but I am not totally gullible either. I am also a hopeless romantic. !

My career path... I want to be a clinical or applied child psychologist someday. But I am a long way off yet. !

My spirituality... I am Catholic and proud of it. !

My relationship status... Single !

My relationship saga... Don't have one, but am looking for one. !

My political leanings... where left meets right !

My political views... I am moderate and want to try to do what is best for all people and not just the rich and not just the poor. !

A great song... To Make You Feel My Love by Garth Brooks !

An awful song... Anything by Bob Marley, and most rap, and anything else hippies listen to. !

A great movie... So many come to mind, too many to name !

An awful movie... Napoleon Dynamite, and many independent films !

A great book... The Chronicles of Narnia, Something Wicked This Way Comes, and many others... !

An awful book... Can't think of any !

Delicious food... Pizza anyone? !

Terrible food... Broccoli, and any other green vegetable lol. !

What drives me crazy... Pot-smokers, dumb people who have no common sense, smokers in general, and the senseless disregard for life on this planet. !

What makes me glad to be alive... The hope that humanity will one day learn to work together, and also everything good that has happened to me, my family, my friends, and just being alive in general. !

My ethnicity as I define it... About half German and half Irish. 100% American. !

Gender... Male !

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