Welcome, Anonymous
Here are the clues nicoo has given about his personality.


My spirituality... MadLounging !

A link to my other profile... http://myspace.com/nicoeetsdolphins !

A link to great art... http://askkodiforthat.com !

A great song... Too many to choose from, so i'm just gonna say, A Wild Hare by Spastic Ink !

An awful song... Anything played by the general pupulation of Dillard. !

A great movie... All the Rocky and Rambo movies, and anything with Samuel Jackson in it. !

An awful movie... The one. UGH. FUCK THAT SHIT. !

An awful book... the motherfucking color purple. !

Terrible food... Tripe = vomit !

A great website... http://guitarshredshow.com and pandora.com !

A great person... Eugene Hutz and that girl that gave my friend free tickets to see gogol. !

An awful person... MERCEDA STANLEY !

Best time I ever had... holyshitgogol bordello !

What drives me crazy... worn out car brakes make my ears bleed. !

I believe this... yes, i do. !

My ethnicity as I define it... South American/ Native + some weird mix of Southwestern European rejects. But I'm Argentinian, so whatever. !

Gender... Male !

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